Getting Started with a Basic website!

"Websites are pretty, but landing pages are profitable". 

-Darin Adams

So... were do you start?

First: Forget everything you'd learned about websites.

I’ve sat in too many meetings with web designers to hear the same explanation over and over - STOP - I know what it takes and it's easy - you can DIY your first website! 

You need to identify the right Software Stack.   A Software Stack is a set of programs or apps that talk to each other to form an environment commonly known as a website. Most websites have different components to them. These components differ but can include hosting, domain name, professional email, website builder, and a CRM [customer relationship management]. The software and apps I recommend below interact seamlessly for a better customer experience. They are also user-friendly and easy to set up.

Begin with a good domain name.  There are many places to get a domain name - I recommend GoDaddy because it is the most popular platform, and it's easy to get a domain name over there. Once you have your domain name, you can add a professional email. The domain name you choose should be memorable and be no more than three words

Get hosting that is going to work.  Here's the deal, I recommend GoDaddy for domains and professional email, BUT I don't recommend it for hosting. The most popular hosting platform today is WordPress. GoDaddy is unreliable for hosting because you're on a shared server. I've experienced multiple downtimes and have switched to WP Engine. This is a much more reliable platform, and the performance and maintenance are extraordinary

Get the website/landing page builder.  There are a ton of website builders out there! Some are good, and others are complete trash! I've been building websites for about a decade, and OptimzePress is your solution. And here's the truth, you don't need a full-blown website. You need a landing page to attract customers to monetize your product or service

Get the CRM to track your contacts.   CRM = [Customer Relationship Management]. Why do you need a CRM? A website or landing page is nothing if you don't collect customer information. Having a simple contact form or phone number won't do. You have to provide value to your potential customers and ask for their contact information. Once you have collected that automatically through the site with a CRM, you can follow up with them!  I am also a Keap Certified Partner and have collaborated with Loral Langemeier to help you set this up! 

Loral Langemeier - The Millionaire Maker & Founder of Integrated Wealth Systems

 I spend over $70,000 a month on marketing AND Steve is a part of that team. If you can hire him, do so, he’s one of the greats. He will be a part of my team until I walk off this earth serving our communities. 

Juan V Lopez - Real Estate Investor in Las Vegas & Chicago

I’ve worked on a ton of projects with Steve over the years & I've come to develop a genuine respect and admiration for his creativity, fearlessness & work ethic. Steve is a creative genius. His mind works in a different way. He sees things other people don't see. He looks for things other people overlook...

Randy Tate - Co-Founder & CEO iFlip

Digital marketing is an integral part of business today, and Steve is the best I have found in that space. He is a tremendous asset to any team when you add to that the ability to manage rooms from the speakers to the hotels. I endorse Steve with the highest of confidence that anyone who works with him will be not only satisfied but blown away by the amount of energy, thoroughness to the craft, and professionalism Steve brings to the table.

Kevin Harrington - Inventor of the Infomercial | Original Shark on Shark Tank | Author: Mentor to Millions

When it comes to online media, there's simply nothing Steve can't do. Just a jack of all trades! Video, photos, web design, Powerpoint presentations, audio, webinars – Steve is just a master at all of these domains & if he doesn't know how to do something, he'll figure it out and make it as simple as possible for everyone else. He's fast, accurate & forward-thinking. It's been a pleasure working with Steve at Live Out Loud [Now Integrated Wealth Systems]; I'd recommend him for your company any day of the week.

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The Six Simple Steps to get your product or service online.

These thoughts are my own and are a curation of over ten years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry. I want to help you by providing great content, direction, and strategies to move your business forward. 

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These thoughts are my own and are a curation of over ten years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry. I don't believe in "get rich" programs - only in hard work, adding value, and serving you at the highest level. The programs and coaching I offer are to help you grow your business and your database. As stipulated by law, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with my ideas, information, tools, or strategies. After all, it takes hard work to succeed in any business. Your results in these programs and coaching sessions are up to you and the amount of effort and resources you are willing to put into succeeding. I want to help you by providing great content, direction, and strategies to move your business forward. Nothing on this page or any of my websites is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and I do not offer any legal or tax advice. Any financial numbers referenced at any time or on any of my sites are estimates or projections and should not be considered exact, actual, or a promise of potential earnings—all numbers are illustrative only.

My services start at $10,000/month.

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