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Loral Langemeier - The Millioniare Maker

"Steve is just an all-star. Whether it's videos, images, fliers, posters, banners, Powerpoints, programs, products – everything he creates & designs is absolutely beautiful. He's a huge team player, always willing to do whatever it takes to get a project done, an unbelievably creative thinker, works round the clock (trust me, I've called him from across the world during the middle of the night on his time, and he's still able to help!)."

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Kevin Harrington - An Original Shark From Shark Tank

"When it comes to online media, there's simply nothing Steve can't do. Just a jack of all trades! Video, photos, web design, Powerpoint presentations, audio, webinars – Steve is just a master at all of these domains. & if he doesn't know how to do something, he'll figure it out and make it as simple as possible for everyone else. He's fast, accurate & forward-thinking. It's been a pleasure working with Steve at Live Out Loud, I'd recommend him for your company any day of the week."

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Juan López - TEDx Speaker & Digital Marketer

I've worked on a ton of projects with Steve over the years (from websites for our fraternity, to physical graphic designs for events, to our current job as the 2 lead online marketers at Live Out Loud, to our own online marketing ventures) & I've come to develop a genuine respect and admiration for his creativity, fearlessness & work ethic.

Steve is a creative genius. His mind works in a different way. He sees things other people don't see. He looks for things other people overlook. His mind is finely tuned to design, and he's used this as his main proponent in becoming the stellar online marketer he is today.

Steve is always open to learning, open to expansion, and open to new ideas, which is what makes him even great. He'd be a tremendous asset to your company as a consultant, project manager, independent contractor or lead workhorse.

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David Torres - Microsoft Consultant

Steve’s knowledge and ability to predict trends in the social media is uncanny. I’ve taken both a personal and professional interest in “following” Steve’s work through different social media outlets. He is always exploring new ways to share information with the word. I like to think of Steve as a “Trend Setter” in the social media scope.

He is always striving to stay ahead of the curve be it in his personal life or in his profession as a graphic artist. He understands technology and the viral power of social media. He quickly picks up new social media sites and learns to navigate them with ease and effectiveness. Steve’s ability to manipulate web content and trending issue in social media is only matched by his creativity.

He always aspires to make his work different from and better than the competition in a way that’s relevant to the target. Steve has developed his own style and artistry when it comes to graphic design; and that style is evolution. He is always looking at new developments in technology and software to make each design better than the last.

His creativity and social media expertise make Steve a C.S.M.G. CREATIVE SOCIAL MEDIA GURU!

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Ryan Nickel - Real Estate Investor

Having Steve on my team meant that we could move mountains. He was fast and accurate. A rare combination in a marketer.

Steve also has a unique eye for graphic design. An eye that can visual and portray your message in a single image.

If you need a graphic designer with the skills and the know how to take your business up a notch, Steve is your man.

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